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    When I select a calendar entry, a portion of it disappears. For example, a conference call entry, when I want to select the phone number, I tap on the entry and the phone # info disappears. The meeting name is still there. Any ideas on how to fix this. Makes the dang thing almost usless for conference calls
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    I think you'll find out that anything in "Location" will disappear when you tap on the Calendar entry. Click on details to verify. My guess is you are syncing with Outlook.
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    You are correct, the location information is what disappears! When did that "feature" appear? I am a long time Palm user and this is my second smart phone. I don't think my Treo 650 did this initially

    BTW I am using Intellisynch to sync with Notes.
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    I'd urge you to take a look at 2Day as this will allow you to tap on the con call number in your Calendar entry (Description, Location, Note etc.) and dial it automatically. If you also have attendees in your Calandar entry (Outlook syncs this info, I don't know whether Notes does) you can also tap on their name to send an email. It's pretty slick and one of my must have apps.

    How well does Notes sync work? Unfortunately, I'll be moving from Outlook to Notes sometime this year. I've used Intellisyn in the past and gave up on it in favor of Pocket Mirror.
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    Worse yet, most of the location info shows up in the "note" field for the appointment, unless the invite is from someone off your exchange server - then it will not show up in the note...

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