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    I have the THB burry car kit that works with the cingular Treo 650 but there is no driver for Verizon. Does anyone know how to get this working with a non cingular Treo 650?
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    Where'd you get it from? On treocentral, as well as, it has this disclaimer..
    "NOTE: Treo 650 Comfort Plus Car-Kit is only compatible with Cingular and Unlocked Treo 650. Support of Sprint and Verizon Treo 650's is not available and is not planned by Palm due to business restrictions." Well, Palm's is different, but same idea.

    I was really looking forward to this thing and now I won't be able to use it (I'm with Sprint). Maybe if we contact Palm and Sprint about this and start to put pressure, they'll work out their problems.

    I'm assuming it's an agreement issue and not a hardware/software problem. Maybe someone can develop a driver for it?
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    It is working just fine for external antanna and charging plus my phone is not flying around the car during high speed turns.

    I had the kit for the 600 and bought the cradel for the 650/700 from:

    Alan Jarvis

    CellTech Solutions, LLC

    137 Brower Avenue

    Edison, NJ. 08837

    Phn: (732) 225-0246

    Fax: (732) 225-0247

    New Cell: (732) 567-7216

    Toll Free: (888) 820-4838


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    Ok, just for clarification, you're using a Verizon Treo 650 on a THB Comfort Plus for the Treo 650, and all of the features are working, such as the external antenna, charging, and speakerphone? Or are you using the System 8 with the Treo 650/700w cradle that's currently out of stock? Either way, both of them say they're not compatible with Sprint or Verizon. I'm not doubting you, but just want to make sure. I haven't really seen this discussed anywhere.

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