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    I have very current info Contacts on my Treo 650. I tried syncing with PalmDesktop and it freezes when it syncs with Contacts.
    I tried DBScan (1.9c): I chose Neither and then Remove All Deleted Records for both PalmSoucre and Palmone options. The Treo then reset itself.
    I enabled syncing of Contacts under Custom to Synchronize.
    (I copied ContactsDB-PAdd to SD/MMC card as a backup) but it still freezes on Contacts when I HotSync.
    This is so frustrating
    Is there a way (without losing my Contacts data I have on the Treo 650) I can copy the Contacts to the PC and manually import them into PalmDesktop?
    I could then export that data and have a backup on the PC. Only thing about all this is that I can't hard-reset my device and lose the current Contacts.
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    Hi, I had same the problem with dbscan reseting my Treo. I followed the instructions explained by Bill Gamble which you seem to have done as well. If that doesn't work try doing to the procedure I explained in this thread:

    Just delete the contacts db's instead of the calendar db. Hope that helps..
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