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    Bitsnbolts has released a new version of their Backupman software (v2.02).

    Interested in whether anyone thinks it's worth upgrading from the 1.xx version.

    I use an earlier version of the software and am very pleased with it. However, my preliminary opinion is that there is not enough in the new version to justify the $14.95 (+15% upgrade discount).
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    I find it seems to be a little slower but has yet to lose it's schedule like the last verison did about 2-3 times a week. I can't tel you how many times I went into BMan and found that it had not done a backup in 3 or more days.... after about a week with the new version it has not lost the schedule yet.

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    1.xx never restored my BT headset properly. I had to delete the files, reset and then pair again. 2.02 has worked perfectly with that. The only thing I miss (and it might be a setting that I missed) is having my Hot Sync'd backups keep multiple copies. Many a time I had to revert to the backup before the current.

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