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    I read somewhere that because fireviewer writes directly to the screen, it could show 16 shades of grey on a VDx, even though normally it would be limited to 4.
    Is this true? If so, then why does it still look like everything is in 4 shades of grey?
    Also, if this is true, why doesnt someone write a patch that will make EVERYTHIHNG write to the screen that way? You could just bypass that part of the OS, and tell the screen what to do from the program output.
    I am a someone just needs to write it.

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    okay, well I looked some stuff up here on the board and it answered a few of my questions, but here are the questions I still have:
    why does everything still look 2 bit in fireviwer (I'm viewing 4 bit pics), and why can't I just upgrade the OS to 3.3?

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    You need to set the conversion option (tab) within Fireviewer to do 16 shades vs. 4 (which is the default)

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    I can't seem to find any conversion option anywhere...

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    The option for greyscale levels is in FireConverter, the PC-based image conversion program. If you pick 16-Level Greyscale, the images will look almost as good as black and white pictures. (If the images you are trying to view are 4-level greyscale, it won't matter if the viewer is capable of more; the image will look pretty bad.) If you download images, make sure they are 16-level grey.
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