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    Has anyone tried this? Does Goodlink work ok? Thanks.
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    I am one day into Sprint 1.13a w/ Fat32 and so far so good. All programs are working fine:

    (Somewhat in order of usage)

    PIM Apps, VersaMail & Blazer
    Pocket Tunes
    Voice Dial
    Pocket Quicken
    Docs to Go
    Pocket Express
    eReader (Dictionaries: MW3rd, Oxford Medical, Oxford World History)
    SlovoEd (Spanish/English Dictionary)
    BackupBuddy VFS
    Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide
    . . . to name a few . . . . .

    Screen refresh between apps is faster.

    Do not use Goodlink.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I use GoodLink and it works fine for me with this combo.
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    paqmaster - Can you confirm you can still do a GoodLink Backup with the FAT32 driver installed? Reason I ask is this post.
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    I also added a POST to GOODGUY on this. Goodlink works fine, but cannot do the backup.
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    Ok - thanks. Perhaps they do something special that is incompatible with the FAT32 routines.
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    ditto - 1.13 custom (minimal) ROM, Goodlink, FAT32 - all working happily. Goodlink backup is not working - the card name looks garbled on that page. However, this is not a loss for me as I have never gotten the restore to work correctly anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by paqmaster
    I use GoodLink and it works fine for me with this combo.

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