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    Good day.
    I am using Takephone for several months now and liked it.
    In the Takephone Screen I press the Favoritie Button and select from my programmed buttons CALL LOG. From CALL LOG Screen I press CANCEL and the Default Treo Phone Screen comes On. I have to press the Green Phone Button to get Takephone back as my Default Phone Screen.
    How can I setup my Treo650 or Takephone to avoid the extra step (Default Treo Phone Screen) when pressing CANCEL from CALL LOG Screen?
    T600, Upgraded to T650
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    Does the same thing on mine, I think this is because your selecting the call log from the built in phone app. The easy fix for this is to use the 'history' feature in Takephone. It's a parsed version of the call log with many more options and is easier on the eyes. You can set this to cycle thru when you press the phone button and save yourself a step even. Let me know if this works for you.

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    thanks for your reply. Yes, using the History Button (didn't really know the difference between History (TP) & Call Log (Treo) ) seems to be a better way to go.
    Have a great week end.
    T600, Upgraded to T650

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