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    Since i'll never use the go online and web features of my treo 650(verizon is expensive), i was wondering what programs i could delete so i could free up some space?

    How come i couldnt move some small ringtone mp3 files from my SD card to internal using filez? it tells me there's an error
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    You'll have to do a custom rom. See the thread on custom Roms. I think the ringtone has to be a .mid file.
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    There are lots of things you can do to make space, depends on what apps you have installed and what you use frequently. I have about 95 apps on my T650 including the built in apps and I have 17.2mb free right now; down from 18.0 of my norm since I've got personal audio recorder in ram now testing to see if I'll use the quick record feature enough to leave it there....


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