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    Is there a GPS application that will let you record current position by clicking a button so you can later on return to the same position?

    The reason I ask is because I had lost my car at the airport parking once because I was running to get a flight. When I got back I couldn't remember where I parked and spent a good 40 minutes looking for my car.

    What I'm looking for is a GPS application that will enable me to record current position with one key. Then, I will click "Return to saved position" and it will give me the distance and direction I need to go. Say I'm leaving the terminal and start looking for my car. It will say - 100 Yards and will show an arrow to the correct direction.

    So does it exist?
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    I dont think the Treo hardware would support such a thing on its own.
    Sounds like you would need some type of true external gps antenna as well as loaded maps to accomplish this.
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    of course I assume the GPS hardware exists (BT GPS). I have TT5 with a BT GPS but I would like another application that does what I have described.
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    Try cotoGPS (google it)

    This is a freeware app which together with a bluetooth GPS will make it possible to save a location, and direct you back later - using on screen directions (not voice commands)...
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    Thanks. I'll try it tomorrow.
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    You say you use TT5, why not just create a quick POI? I just tested this and it takes like 10-15 seconds. What I did.... tap screen>tapped the next screen arrow>tapped browse map>zoomed all the way in on my current position> pressed the blue 'button' on the bottom>tapped add as POI.... you get the point from here... Easier than maintaining 2 or more programs, plus you'll have door to door routing.

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    I guess it will work in TT5 but my whole point is do it with one tap so I can do it when in a hurry. The way I imagine it I would like to see a compass with a point in the direction where I need to go and the distance. TT5 is too complicated for that.
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    Delorme software and Chicago Map (full lapop version) let you do that...doine it going back at least 10 years. Never tried them on a Treo tho. You can track your entire route and then follow your way back or save it for another trip. I gave my wife the Delorme set a few years back but she never installed it.

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