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    I tried TakePhone but do not like the interface. I am looking for something that gives me the blackberry like functionality of being able to dial or e-mail someone from contacts. Does Agendus do this? I am looking for a 3d party app since this is the only thing I miss from my 8700.
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    of course you know you can call from contacts. Right? That's the most basic of all functions.
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    I know I can type in qualifiers and move to a name and high light the number and dial. I would like to be able to e-mail from a contact. I guess that is a better description of what I am tryng to do.
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    If you are a power user, you call and email a lot from contacts, you should NOT give up on TAKEphONE for the interface..... Besides, there are a lot of skins available on MTDN for it...
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    if you want to select a number (in any app) and press green to dial or sms, you could try phone technician's easy dial feature (my app)
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