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    ive use my treo as an mp3 player for a while... headphones,convertor from radio shack, and ptunes. today theres no sound coming out of my treo... i got a call and couldn't hear the other person, but the other person could hear me. if i put in the headphones and convertor i can hear everything fine... make phones calls and everything. i would say blown internal speaker but there is sound when a phone call comes in. my ringtone plays for like 2 secs and then turns off. the wierdest thing, if i put in a regular earpiece, not convertor and headphones, sound comes out of the speaker! i can play music out of the speaker when the earpiece is plugged in! whats going on? please help!
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    bad jack probably....
    .Treo Pro on Sprint Check out, Audio jack fix.
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    i did a hard reset on the treo too but that didn't help things. i obviously cant play any music but the thing with the ringtone is still there. itll ring for two secs and then turn off.
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    check out this thread

    you may need to replace the's $10 US if you are comfortable taking your phone apart. I have the same problem. Hopefully I will get he earpeice this week.

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