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    OK OK please forgive the newbie question... but I just bought a 1GB SD card and now need to get what is on my old card to the new card...

    I figure I can save everything to a folder on my computer, via card reader and then copy everything to the new card.

    My question is if the programs that I reside on the old SD card (Documents to Go, etc) will be read on the new card? Do I have to do anything special?

    And before someone sends me to the Search box... I did put in a few keywords in the Forum searches and nothing jumped out at me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    So I tried a few more keywords and found the answer. Seems that since I don't use SplashPhoto... things are are as easy as they seem...

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    It won't hurt to give your new card the same name as your old card (use Card Info app). Some apps, eg., iSilo 4.01, won't recognize documents on SD when the name changes. After you run the app, you can change the card name.

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