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    I did a search but could not quite find the answer.

    I upgraded to a 2 G lexar card. Someohow I messed up the copy of the folders. What is the exact listing on your SD card please? I have too many "palm", "launchers" and "programs"> where does the audio fit under? Thanks!
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    Here's what mine looks like:

    -----*start.prc (tomTom)
    >TomTom Map 1
    >TomTom Map 9
    >Other TomTomStuff
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    How do you get the "\" back on the card? Thanks for your assistance
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    "\" is not a directory (well, technically it is, but forget that for the sake of disucssion). It's the "root"... if you hit the ".." (go back/up one directory) button over and over, you'd eventually stop at the root. It's where all subdirectories start.

    If you're looking at the card in a file manager and it's blank, that means you're already at the root. If your backup contains the directories that the other posters listed above, copy them to the root.

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