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    I am selling my 650 and was wondering what the going rate on a clean no scratches 650?
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    I was seeing at least $200 (don't worry) I was seeing MOST phones new/used minimum of $300.

    THough of course unlocked, accessories, etc... helped...
    (was LOOKING the past month for a T650 on ebay...

    Hopefully you can do well selling it... tho I am assuming ebay?
    Now it's the WAITING GAME: a GSM Palm Pre
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    My T650 & 6230b and NX70 are retired... =(
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    Cingular selling them for $139 (refurbished) w/ 1 year warranty....coupla peeps here bought them (low minutes like 20) . Hard to say especially if ya get cauht in promotional bubble. STaples had brand new Cingular 650's over the holidays for $99 w/ rebates on 1 year contract. had $99 700w's a while back w/ rebates and 1 year contract.

    If ya have low minutes I'm sure that would help and of course peeps will wanna know whether it GSM unlcoked, GSM Cingular, SPrint or Verizon.
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    Buy an sd-card and bundle it (and free express shipping) with a Buy it now for $350. You should have no problem if it is pristine AND you have the original packaging and it is unlocked. If it is locked, call the carrier first to get it unlocked.

    USPS Priority shipping is $7...

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