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    Lately my Docs To Go is giving me error messages when trying to open files. I get this message: "Important - Documents To Go has detected a previous version installed. For more information visit:"

    This problem started happening after I used the DXTG Tech Tool to move DocsToGo to my SD card to free up internal memory. Now my files don't open anymore, and I just get the above error message.

    Anyone have ideas how to fix the problem?
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    Have you tried moving it back to the Treo and then back to the card. Do this a couple of times. If this doesn't, work I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling through the desktop.
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    I'd say: uninstall, use Dataviztech (latest version) to delete all settings, re-install.
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    Thanks guys, I finally got it to work right again after re-installing everything a few times.

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