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    I use my Treo 650 to Sync with Outlook at Work and at home (2 different computers). I have selected "ignore conflicts" in my advance setting rather than making duplicates.

    Still for some reason, I have been plagued with duplicates in my contact list (some time as many as 3-4 duplicates) and calender events.
    It does not happen to all the enteries but only some.

    It is very annoying to find this agaian and again and I want to know

    1. can I do something to prevent this occurence ?

    2. Once it happens, is there a software for Treo, which can get rid of these duplicates automatically.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Finds and removes duplicates.
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    Undupe trial version does not allow me to see duplicates or remove them although it claims to see many duplicates.

    DoesManageXT look only at contacts or other datas also like undupe ?
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    Used it since it was released, GREAT software and worth every penny.
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    You should consider to set your conduits on one of the PC's to "Handheld" overwrites Desktop. This would solve the duplication problem.
    UnDupe removes the duplicates, but AFIK it would not stop duplication reoccuring in your case.
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    I recommend undupe, as well
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