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    Hello all:

    I searched the forums and found some info on this but not alot. I have what i describe as a fuzz in the background on calls i make with my GSM cingular 650. The best way to describe it is when you used to play a mix tape and you would hit the dolby noise reduction button to removed the crappy static the stuff that dolby filter removed is what i hear when on the phone. Its not horrible but its hard to ignore as well. Also when i turn up the speaker phone to maximum volume on a phone call it sounds like static with faint helicopter noises in the background. Am i alone with these problems? Is this something i have to deal with to have a GSM smart phone? Does anyone know of filtering software to remove the high end noise? OR AM I CRAZY? the static seems worse when listening to the actual phone than through the earpiece. Finally the static sound is always there, on a recent trip from CT to PA its was always there and sounded the same. I had a prior new treo 650 that sound exactly the same (so i sent it back) and i also went to a cingular store and put my SIM card in their treo 650 and the same static was there. So, I doubt all three phones were bad? Do i just need to use a separate earpiece and suck it up?

    I did alot of searching in the 650 hardware forum and came up short - if i missed something could you please direct me to the thread

    Thanks for reading - the static is getting to me

    I tried volumecare but it just made the background static louder

    Firmware - 01.51
    Software - Treo650-1.17-CNG
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    Have the same thing here. Just thought it was normal...

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