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    Multiple alarms, customizable alarms, tones, etc....

    And free!

    Sprint Treo 755p (ex-650) user and loving it.
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    Do you want the best or do you want something for free?
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    I need the same thing. Not necessarily free, but the best. Anyone used Butler?
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    Butler's alarms work well.

    Lots of folks like TreoAlarm and what used to be called bob's Alarm (think it's multi-alarm or some such crap now).
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    mobileCLOCK, formerly known as Bob's Alarm is not free but it is the best of class for me. I've tried them all...

    The developer, Bob, as you might imagine, is very responsive.

    Look into mobileCLOCK here:

    BTW. when used with mobileLAUNCH, a sister product, it can't be beat!
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    I've used MegaClock on ny Treo 300 & 600. Works well for me.
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    another vote for mobileClock
    Less than 400 posts to get my own little treo icon!
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    Another vote for MobileClock. You won't be disappointed.

    It has a free trial.
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    TreoAlarm.... it has a big snooze button. I'm a snoozer.
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    I've been using mobileCLOCK for almost two years and its never failed. I like the fact that you on't have to fumble around trying to hit the snooze. Just tap anywhere on the screen for a snooze or hit any hard button to turn off. Almost, dare I say, too easy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ike301
    Multiple alarms, customizable alarms, tones, etc....

    And free!

    TreoAlarm fits the bill
    Alarms are free, weather update is pay (but u can still update weather if you dont pay. there is just a screen tellin u to register, but it still updates )
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboTiger
    I've used MegaClock on ny Treo 300 & 600. Works well for me.
    I also use MegaClock (on my 650), and like it aot.
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    Another vote for mobileCLOCK. Been using it for 2 1/2 years now and it has never let me down. I got 0 attendance problems at work.
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    I use the alarm in the World Clock app - you can select the tone, and it's not only free, it's in ROM.
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    Butler does a great job with mp3+midi alarms (multiple) as well as all the other butler-goodies.
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    You are looking for the best.

    The best is MobileClock.

    Excellent, stable application.

    The developer is extremely responsive and cares deeply about the quality of the product.
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    I'll vouch for MobileClock. Fantastic.
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    Have you tried the calendar app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by karenct
    I also use MegaClock (on my 650), and like it aot.

    (Alarms, and a whole lot more. . . . .)
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