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    The CFO of my company is a recent Goodlink convert. (We are moving away from BCEE.) She came to me yesterday to show me that her emails were not being sent to her Treo650. I noticed she had 1,435 unread emails, so I did some checking and I am assuming that she has hit the 5,000 email limit. About five (5) hours later her email updated to realtime, and then wouldn't update again.

    I believe that Aging did this. Does Aging wait until the queue of emails is equal to the oldest day's worth of email? In other words, if her oldest day's count of emails totaled 458, does 458 emails from today have to queue up before Aging removes the oldest day's email and then sends the new emails to her Treo?


    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    It isn't so much the quantity of email as it is the size of the email. Let me see if I can get some detail as to how the aging process works.
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    Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to learning more about it.
    Treo 700P (& GoodLink Administrator)
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    " I think it is relative to the amount of memory they have available. Aging shouldn't cause emails to stop syncing, it should be done silently in the background. I would recommend they speak with Tech Support so they can check the connectivity of the device to the NOC. Have they done fetches to retrieve the information or is this all accumulated email since starting to use GoodLink?"
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    This is all accumulated since starting to use GoodLink. I checked the connectivity and it was green for the last 24 hours.
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    cahsdad - Check out the user guide for GoodLink. Look for a section titled "Data Storage and Aging" which explains the algorithms GL uses. Wasn't sure you knew about that or not, so I thought I'd point it out.

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