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    so I get on the downtown B train at West 4th St. late last night, and start playing Aces Texas Hold'em (the game looks alright, but the opposition betting is fairly rudimentary -- mostly I just kind of like watching the hands roll by) on my Treo, when a Bluetooth popup suddenly appears, saying something like

    Receiving Browser matter
    from Nokia 9500

    I *think* that was the Nokia model, not exactly sure; then

    (file format unrecognized)

    or something like that. then, a minute later,

    Receiving porn materials
    from Nokia 9500

    unknown file format

    which was a little alarming. or should I say, might not have been alarming if it's a pretty woman behind it, but what are the chances of that? I look up, and of the couple dozen people in the subway car, no one is batting an eyelash -- everyone seems to be napping or reading or istening to their mp3 players. somewhat disturbed, I shut off the Bluetooth and put away my Treo -- when I changed trains, I took it back out and looked around using Cleanup, but nothing seems to have been saved. i'm not hung up or anything but it was a little disturbing. even if it was only the NSA just having a little fun with me.

    but it did cause me some concern -- are there any Treo viruses, and can one infect you in this way?
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    Keep the "discoverable" option turned off and you will probably not have this issue again.

    There are no known viruses for the Palm platform, most likely you saw a hacker trying to send a Symbian virus or trojan. Not much real risk from any of those, as long as you backup/hotsync often.
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    Unless you accept the BlueTooth download, you're not going to be infected by anything....

    Try BlueSpam if you want to try this with other people, it just sends a harmless message. Try it in an Airport Eatery.

    This was done using OBEX aka, Object Exchange: "a set of high-level protocols allowing objects such as vCard contact information and vCalendar schedule entries to be exchanged using either IrDA (IrOBEX) or Bluetooth."

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    thanks for the clarifications -- and the pointer, you never know when i might want to break the ice on the 2 train. or alternatively, get my *** kicked!
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    happened to me, it is really annoying especially if the item was registered in my known bluetooth devices and i don't even know how to remove it.
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