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    Just wanted to share..I've been trying to get my palm to connect to my PC via bluetooth so I can surf the web on the palm or chat without using my cell phone provider. I searched here and it seemed that Softick PPP was the way to go...couldnt' get that working...I thought I'd give it a try on another computer today at work....I actually installed the driver CD for the bluetooth/USB dongle I bought, setup a Bluetooth/LAN connection on the Treo and connected - worked on the first try! Immediatly went into Blazer and pages are loading fast. Made sure its not Blazer connecting via the phone too - the pages load to fast and i can see the connection establish on my PC when it connects!! I'm really excited about the possibilities! The dongle/driver/SW is from BlueSoleil by IVT Corporation.

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    Would you explain more please. How can you do that?

    "The dongle/driver/SW is from BlueSoleil by IVT Corporation". Is this for your bluetooth or what?. I have Bluetooth pc card from Belkin and I can't connect Dun reverse, because I can't share my connection with bluetooth. Thanks.
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    Yeah, Please explain what you did.

    I have the same Dongle (ITV Bluesoleil) but I can only ping my PC when I connect. Nothing passed that.
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    I too would like to know more details. I have been playing with Softick PPP for 3 days with no luck. Everything seems to connect, but no web access. Then I tried a connection as you described above and no results. My BT Services says I am connected - my BT connection in Network Services says it is connected and I even have an IP address assigned, but no connection to the internet. This is really not a big deal (as you need to be beside a computer and if you are this close to it, why not just use your computer?), but I just want to see it work!

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