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    Could anyone who has a PalmOne GPS kit tell me what they think of it? I ordered one tonight for $165 shipped from Palm which I think is a great deal, but I will see how it performs. I am just wondering how it does based on other people's experiences, being that it uses an older chipset. I already know the Tom Tom software is great, I am just looking for opinions about the the reciever and the hardware the kit contains.

    Thank you.

    And please don't refer me to other posts because I have read most of them already and did see many responses from people who actually owned the PalmOne kit. Thanks.
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    Sorry I got the Seidio G2350S which I can recommend highly. In doing a search on "PalmOne GPS" though I saw at least 5 forum members that started posts after buying one but I only peeked at less than 1/2 the 100 + hits.
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    HI Biscuit,

    I got the Palmone GPS(199.00 free overnight shipping) for Christmas. I used it on two trips and it is a good device. It takes a little while to aquire a signal (I had to actually be on a clear road) but once it found a signal it never was lost. I did not like that it had a two hour battery life. The car power adapter that came with the device was a good solution to this if you didn't mind having the wires. I liked that it came with a mount also.

    However, I bought the seido with the 17 hour battery life and like it a lot better. It aquires a signal in my house and is fast. The 17 hour battery life rocks. I bought a bluetooth reciever because I didn't want all the wires.

    If I was you, I would buy a gps device with a sirf III chipset and return the palm. I say this because I like the fast signal aquisition of the sirf III. If you do not think this will bother you, than the palm gps is a good device. I hope this helps.

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    Just wondering which Model of Seidio you went with? Are you using it with TT?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mijiman
    I bought a bluetooth reciever because I didn't want all the wires.
    Just to be clear, the non-bluetooth "wired" sets only have one wire not "wires". This wire runs from ciggie lighter to Treo cradle and charges your Treo whose battery life is in the neighborhood of 3-5 hours when using as GPS. If you use a charging cradle for the Treo in the car, than you have the same one wire regardles sif you using a BT set versus a non BT set.

    The main reason to my mind, to get a BT receiver is that it can serve outside the vehicle on a bike (pedal variety) or hiking. Of course the 17 hour battery life of the receiver doesn't help when ya Treo battery dies after 4 hours.

    It was a tough choice for me w/ a 650...unfettered BT headset use and no Treo battery issues versus outside of vehicle portability. Being able to answer calls w/o doing anything and having a full charged Treo upoin arrival at my detsination swung me. If I didn't already have a handheld GPS, portability mighta been more important to me.
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    I got the Seidio RBT-2010 with Tom Tom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lhowe
    Just wondering which Model of Seidio you went with? Are you using it with TT?

    G2350S w/ TomTom
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    I have had it for a whopping two days now. A couple observations. Set up was a pain, but partly that was my fault. I'm in FL, and the TomTom software has some routing problems here. It seems to send me some wierd ways to get where I'm going. I've read several other FL users have had the same problem. Finally, the Palmone GPS receiver takes forever to acquire a signal.

    On the plus side, the software is extremely intuitive and the interface is really nice. I'm glad I bought it on the whole, but am not very confident with the default routes it suggests sometimes.

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