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    Hello All, I recently got a Treo650 and having problems with Versamail and Yahoo. I am encountering 2 problems: 1) I can receive but can't send; 2) I can manually receive, but the autosync doesn't seem to be able to receive. Maybe it's because I have an underscore in my username? I will be indebted to anyone that can help, please.

    Here are my settings:
    First Screen
    username: tom_c_nguyen
    password: xxxxxxx
    Second Screen
    email address:
    Advance Screen 1
    Port 110
    SSL (unchecked)
    APOP (unchecked)
    Advance Screen 2
    Port 25
    SSL (checked)
    ESMTP (checked)
    username: tom_c_nguyen
    password: xxxxx

    Lastly, it is interesting that if I set up the outgoing server with my gmail account, I am able to send messages... but I figure that has to be a better way than this.
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    Are you a paying for your Yahoo email account? If not, you cannot use their POP mail server. That is only for paying clients. You can access your mail via the Blazer browser though.

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