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    Anybody else have this problem? I just got a new 30GB Video iPod, & I couldn't figure out why my Treo 650 was not able to Hotsync anymore. After much anguish & wasted hours, & believing my Hotsync data cable was broken, I finally figured out that when the iPod is unplugged, my Treo syncs perfectly.

    Do I have some kind of conflict with the two USB devices? Does anyone know how to fix this conflict?

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    I have the same problem, and only got so far that after disconnecting the ipod, and doing a few reboots, I could use the USB sync. I only figured that out AFTER I downloaded the gsm rom and wanted to apply it to the phone.

    I've got the 60gb, and I just thought 'oh well', and am using the infrared to sync...
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    I also have a 30GB video iPod and am able to sync perfectly whether the iPod is connected or not.
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    No problems for me. I have all 4 USBs tapped. one to a USB hub with 4 more connections. the IPOD is connected to 1 of the USB port on the PC. As is the Treo
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    Try to change the com port in hotsync task manager....
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    i have both plugged in at the same time and it works fine

    as GFM said do that time you pop your treo the device manager uninstall the drivers for the palm handheld

    and then remove then plug it back in...that may do it
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    I have a 60gb vid and I have no problems. I also have disc use enabled on it as well.

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