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    I recently installed Cingular 1.17 and my plantronics M2500 stopped working. I see the M2500 in trusted devices but I am unable to connect to the headset. It was working good just before that. Did anyone faced such problem... It's very frustrating as I upgraded for good reasons and it went bad with Bluetooth. Thanks in advance.
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    At last after 3hrs I got it. All the instrustions are very incomplete. By trial-and-error it worked for me.

    For Plantronics M2500:

    1. Turn off Bluetooth head set
    2. Turn On bluetooth on Treo and goto 'Setup devices'
    3. Select Hands free set-up
    4. Now press and hold talk button on bluetooth and simultaneously press and hold volume knob
    5. Now the Bluetooth will alternate between red and green blinking (means waiting to be paired)
    6. Click on the treo screen and follow on-screen instructions
    7. Password is '0000' (zeros)

    Good luck.
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    Whenever doing a ROM upgrade , in my experience, all BT pairings must be "un paired" and re-paired. Essentially that means dump it and reinstall it.
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    Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting that. I just got done searching all over the place on how to set up that headset with my new 650 and came up empty. Now I can actually try out the BT with my phone.

    p.s. how do you guys like the M2500? having never used BT headsets I don't really know what's best. i see all these new real expensive headsets and wonder what the differences are and if it would be worth it to upgrade.
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    for the 10 bucks after rebate i paid for mine its not half bad works best in car , good battery life and loud enough but im upgrading to the voyager 510 next. hopefully less static when treo is in case on my belt.

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