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    Have been using this free MS Outlook duplicate remover (from SouthSeas (Prayerware) 0rigination). It allows you to select the directory in MS outlook, including Agendus, which you want to remove duplicates from, as well as the type of duplicates you'd like removed, such as appointments, mail, contacts and tasks. Allows for flagging major fields within these areas, such as dates, names, ect.

    It has been working great for me.

    I have no affiliation with the author/Prayerware.

    It can be found at


    It's hard to beat freeware.

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    Thanks, Maria.

    I adjusted the link as it would not work.
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    Thank you.
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    Nice find! Thanks!
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    Great, thanks. I've been looking for something like this. I'm using this to remove duplicates in a very large archived IMAP box with ~15,000 messages. Ironically, this is a true answer to my prayers.

    HOWEVER, every 10 minutes Outlook halts the Duplicates Remover and reminds me that "A program is trying to access...: and waits for my reply to "Do you want to allow it?"

    So, the program cannot, unfortunately, run unattended, because of Microsoft's "Object Model Guard" security. Anyone know how to turn this off?

    (Yes, I did RTFM and prayed, exactly as the instructions say to do, but He hasn't answered me yet. )
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    Actually found this little gem:

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