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    You didn't do the upgrade correctly. If I am understanding you correctly it sounds like you've just removed the FAT driver and now your Treo has no file system driver at all.

    I would advise re-downloading the ROM to your computer as an uncompressed image, just all the raw files in a folder (you should still be able to put the unit back into boot loader mode, even if you're in a reset loop). Then add the FAT32 driver to the folder and re-upload. At that point you should be good. The Rom Tool does all the zipping and MD5 hash creation necessary to package the ROM up correctly before uploading it to the phone. It knows what it's doing, so I find it easier and safer to do that.
    HI Spurdy,

    That did the trick. It was not clear to me that I had to create a new file and extract the files. . . whatever, got it to work. Thanks for your help and insight. It sees my 4gb card nicely.

    Great help!!!
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    I've been looking for the file all night long. I don't want to get completely discouraged by reading through all the discussions only to find out that this is a rue and really doesn't exist.

    Can someone here post the url to this elusive file which my not exist please.
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    Does anyone still have the 1.13a sprint treo rom? this link is dead and I would like to flash my rom.
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    Hi everyone, does anyone have the sprint 1.13a treo rom in the raw that I can customize or that has already been customized for fat 32? i would like to flash my treo with it. the links to that rom in this string are dead.
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    guys im new here. i have a gsm treo 650 that was unlocked but was originally from cingular. i wanna ask if there's any special stuff i need to do before proceding with the custom rom update.

    im afraid it might lock again my treo to cingular.
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    Try this thread:

    You have more chances of bricking your phone (if you don't follow the instructions) than locking it again. Good luck.
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