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    Has anyone tried getting the streaming XM radio feed from the internet on their 650?

    The Shoutcast streams through PocketTunes seem to work rather well.
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    Unfortunately, the XM stream is Windows Media only. We will need something that can decode that before we can access it on our Palm Treos. The 700w can handle it.
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    Yeah, this is a shame b/c provides an awesome solution:

    Too bad we can't use TCPMP for this...
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    Pocket Tunes and ShoutCast aint bad...
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    I must live in a bad part of Michigan because I can't use ShoutCast at all through Pocket Tunes. It has to keep buffering and it's really annoying.
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    ^^ which part?

    Im in michigan as well, and i get great streams
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    Google for "XM Radio Slim plug-in". Someone posted a plug-in for the slimserver to log-in to XM Online. Next, use the slimserver to transcode to mp3. Finally, log in to your slimserver. It is a real pain, but it does work with my Soundbridge--I guess it would work with the 650.

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    Maybe you're trying to stream feeds that have to high of a bit rate.
    Try listening to streams that are 96k or less.
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    What's the reasoning behind no support for the windows media format?
    I see that Sirius streams in windoze format as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dafydd
    Pocket Tunes and ShoutCast aint bad...
    It is not good either. Windows devices are so far ahead in this arena...
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    I live in the Lansing area. I have tried all bit rates and they all suck!
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    It works excellently here in Columbus, Ohio.
    I also go to South Haven Michigan a lot, and it doesn't work as well, but is still v ery acceptable. Maybe I'm getting a good signal bouncing off of lake Mich?

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