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    Hi, looking for a free site to get some of the classic programs. Had one but lost the url. Any help appreciated. Theatre of the Mind.
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    Hi Cash. I've heard that phrase used, but I don't think its a specific series. I listen to WRVO sometimes when they play old time radio programs, and they mention that, and a google shows that phrase popping up all over in differing contexts. If you're looking for streaming old time radio prgms, check out WNAR-AM: or browse to and check out other resources and links. Specifically, check out the live streams schedule at

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    I always wondered what OTR was...

    Here's a great site:

    Randy has a great collection of EVERYTHING including what I believe is the best Theater of The Mind there is, The CBS Radio Mystery Theater aka CBSRMT with E.G. Marshall as the host.

    BTW, Randy's FTP site is very extensive and has EVERYTHING!!! He has, in addition to that set up to allow downloads directly from his site above, although not everything has been ported over yet...

    Quote Originally Posted by Radio Hall of Fame

    The CBS Radio Mystery Theater was an ambitious effort by veteran radio producer Himan Brown to revive interest in American radio drama. Every night from 1974 to 1982, host E. G. Marshall (later Tammy Grimes) ushered listeners through a creaking door -- similar to the one Brown used on Inner Sanctum decades earlier -- for an hour of “the fear you can hear.”

    Brown produced nearly 200 new episodes of Mystery Theater every year, using both original scripts and adaptations of classic stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    The Mystery Theater brought many veterans from radio’s golden age back before the microphone, including Agnes Moorehead, Richard Widmark, Celeste Holm, Mercedes McCambridge and Howard daSilva. The show also featured performances from many up-and-coming stage and film actors, including Tony Roberts, John Lithgow, Morgan Fairchild, Mandy Patinkin and Sarah Jessica Parker.

    The CBS Radio Mystery Theater won the George A. Peabody Award in 1975. After eight years and over 1,500 shows, the show ended its run on December 30, 1982.

    E. G. Marshall died on August 24, 1998.

    The CBS Radio Mystery Theater was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1990.

    Go here for a sample...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big_OTR_Fan
    Randy has a great collection of EVERYTHING including what I believe is the best Theater of The Mind there is, The CBS Radio Mystery Theater aka CBSRMT with E.G. Marshall as the host.
    I listen to CBS Radio Mystery Theater most nights on my treo, with headphones. It gets rid of the daily stress and puts me right to sleep. Sometimes, when I can't sleep in the middle of the night and my mind starts to race, I start listening again and can usually fall back to sleep.

    Sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 nights to finish a 45-min program.
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    Hi all, thanks for the help. I found an excellent site that I have used before but misplaced the URL.

    I had some problems downloading at first but sent a mail asking for help and got a reply in a few hours. This site is wonderful and I will now support it.

    I get lots of enjoyment out of listening (especially on a long flight) to content that is well written and performed. Maybe it is not as slick and kinetic as todays TV and Radio but then from my pov technology is being used today to wow the audience instead of providing a rewarding rich experience.

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    BBC7 has great programming and it's streamable and as such savable with mplayer
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    My (& my wife's) very favorite OTR is Orson Wells in Harry Lime, a 52 episode 1/2-hour series. Listening to OTR at night in bed puts u right to sleep.

    Edit. Lucille Ball in My Favorite Husband is tied for 1'st! Jimmy Stewart in The Six Shooter is a close 2'nd. The Lux Radio Drama series is also really great. Better mention Fibber & Mollie as well...

    some fun links:
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