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    I'm wondering if anyone has experienced the following issue.

    First, I have a Treo 600, running DateBk6 V-6.0a, pA and syncing with Outlook through PocketMirror. I'm not using Birthdays.

    I have an entry in Contacts with a blank as the first character so it will sort to the top. Itís always been that way and it worked okay with DateBk5. After I loaded DateBk6, that particular contact disappeared from my contacts database. Itís still in Outlook though. So I copied it in Outlook and synced again. This time, both entries remain in Outlook and nothing in my Treo. Then I put an asterisk before the contact like I had done in the past and synced again. This time not only did the contact with the asterisk not sync, several other contacts duplicated.

    Is there any way this was caused by DateBk6? Any other ideas? Are the two issues even related?


    Just to amend this: I'm not worried about fixing the duplicates. I've got that covered. I'm most concerned about not doing it again and also about why the contact with a space as the first character doesn't sync.
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    You might try posting this here. A lot of knowledge about Datebk in that group.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwman
    You might try posting this here. A lot of knowledge about Datebk in that group.
    Thanks, I forgot I had already joined.

    Just a quick update for anyone who cares. Pimlico responded very quickly to my e-mail and said it was not DateBk6 but most likely PocketMirror. He suggested I contact Chapura.

    I just don't know why things would change all of a sudden. I've used a blank space in front of my contacts to sort them at the top for months now. And before that I used an asterisk to sort them with no problem.

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