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    OK...I have a Treo....I want to play music on it. I had a RealPlayer account, but the RealPlayer software kept 'soft resetting' the Treo. So, I downloaded PocketTunes, it is very stable. However, it won't play my old RealPlayer ( rax ) files and when I try to download songs ( from Wal-Mart ) I get the following message:

    "Could not find a license for this file. You may need to refresh your licenses by connecting to your PC and running your music provider's application. You may also need to copy the song to your device again."

    Does anyone know what I need to do?
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    I'm not sure if this is your problem, but I had a similar one. I was getting the exact same message when trying to use Napster to go, etc. It turned out that the program UDMH was causing huge problems with Ptunes and my subscription accounts I had with Napster and Yahoo music (also Rhapsody). You CANNOT have UDMH on your handheld when trying to use any of these subscription type accounts that have DRM. The remedy is to run UDMH from a different SD card than where you store your music and when you are done using it do a soft reset before putting the music card back into the device. Also, you may have to format your card and re-download the songs. I don't know what type of files WalMart uses, but Ptunes won't support AAC or the RAX files.
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    I had the same problem. Have not tried to correct it yet. What is UDMH? If it takes formatting card and redownloading the music, I'd rather cancel Yahoo if it causes that much trouble.
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    UDMH stands for Unlimited Dynamic Memory Heap. It is a neat little program that allows programs to access the memory on the card for operation when there isn't enough on the handheld. Great and essential for playing some games, etc. Anyway, that was my problem. I went 'round and 'round with the support guy from Normsoft before we figured out that was the problem. Now that I have UDMH on a memory card that is dedicated to games, I don't have any more problems when using either Napster to go or Yahoo Music Unlimited. You don't have to "re-download" the music, You just have to sync it again to your handheld. A bit of a pain but not too bad. Also you might want to delete the palmcertdev file. That is your DRM licensing file which may be corrupt. After you delete the file, it will be automatically reinstalled by Yahoo or Napster, etc. next time that you connect to them.
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    Yeah, I made a mistake when I said re-download, I meant re-transfer to the card. Where is the "palmcertdev" file, on the Treo or on the computer somewhere?

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