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    So I had been looking everywhere it seems to find a wired headset I would like. I didn't want to spend the money on bluetooth as I use about 20 minutes a month on my phone tops. I also wanted something small but with a boom mic (I like to run the wire under my shirt so the inline mics annoy me). I finally found a Jabra model at Staples. In ear only (no loop, but with their fancy little gels that keep it in place) and a short boom with a foam cover. Thought it was ~$20, get to the register and it is only $7 on clearance. Thought i struck gold.

    Here is the problem--no little button for answer/hang up. No problem, I thought, since I make so few calls. I figured I would set the preferences to answer automatically. Unfortunately, it doesn't. I have to try to find the buttons as it hangs on my belt to answer, and again to hang up. Is there anything I can do, or am I stuck like this with this headset. Software solutions? Could I hack in the button from the original headset (broke it anyway at the earpiece).
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    yes, you can hack the original. You just need to add a switch between the mic and ground to your new headset. Take apart the old one to see how it works.
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