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    Does anyone have or know of someone who has a Sony/Ericsson 910a? I know it uses the Symbian OS so the library of apps is not as large or flexible as Palm, but I was wondering if that phone is any more stable than the Treo. The current offerings from Palm of the Treo 650 and 700w both have stability issues (from what I've read and experienced with my 650). I know part of that is software, but more and more, I'm wondering if it might be flawed hardware design as well. I see so many reports of 650s failing during the first 12 months of use and the refurbs working no better, even without any 3rd party apps loaded. I will stick with my Treo for as long as it lasts, but if/when it barfs and there is no more warranty, I would like to find a more stable, yet just as versatile replacement and the 910a looks like a contender. I'm sure by the end of the year there will be plenty more options, but I'm not a Windows Mobile fan, so that severly limits SmartPhone choices. As for my experiences with my 650....I had the low volume issue and it would lock up every other day before the last CNG firmware/software update. Ever since it has been working better, but still not as reliable as a regular cell phone. A soft reset every other day or so is still required to keep it running smoothly. I'm happy with my Treo 650 as my first true SmartPhone, and I'm looking forward to better designs in the future (maybe like the Sony Ericsson P990...or the next new Palm Treo!).
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    Well I had a p910, two things that i can say about that phone are reliable and, stable. The only thing I didn;t really about that phone, was how under powered it was. It was fine for the most part don't get me wrong, but he did use the same processor as the p800. So... But I can honestly say the same about the Treo. i hate the fact that a song skips when I'm viewing pics. None of my WM phones did that at all. Which is why I do prefer the WM os compared to any others. The maiin reason I bought the Treo was for it's form factor, and OS second. But to tell you the Truth the P910 is a very great phone. I really did like it a lot. The main reason why i switched was just some little things, like the QWERTY is not back lit. And the OS. But the sound was great, the screen is amazing. If you do decide to switch then that is a very good phone. Cause as I'm sure you know the P990 is coming, which is making it hard for me to pick one (700w or P990). But by the time you are ready to switch the price of the P990 will be very good.

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