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    I've been toggling back and forth between data and sms - today I think I had sms working properly for the first time and I have some questions I can't find in any other threads or on pdaapps... I'm not sure of how some things work and i want to clarify -- thanks for the indulgence

    When the treo is idle (phone app or other app) and an IM is received, I noticed that it came in through Verichat with the familiar Chat, Ignore, etc.. buttons just like when an IM came in through data -- is that normal?

    If that is normal, does it switch back to data when I respond to the IM for the remainder of the chat session or is each response back and forth SMS?

    If the chat does go to data, when I close verichat and go back to phone or other apps, does it automatically go back to SMS mode or do I have to manually do something to get it back to SMS?

    Tonight I was signed on to AOL from my laptop, earlier I had (I thought) signed off from Verichat on my Treo, the data connection wasn't even on (no gray arrows), when i signed off from my laptop I walked by a desktop in my office and saw that I was still showing online - I looked at my Treo, no network connection, so i sent myself a test IM from the desktop and my Treo went off and the Verichat opened up just like in question 1. So, how do I completely signoff when in SMS so I show up as offline (important some times)...?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions- -
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    Yes it's normal. When Verichat receives the sms, it fires up a data connection to the server to talk. When you close verichat, the data connection goes dormant and it waits for another sms from the verichat server.

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