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    I am wondering is there any other WiFi enabling device for treo 650 other than WiFi card+cracked drivers and Enfora WiFi sled? It will be definitely awesome if I can have the internet when I am walking around the campus with my treo.

    Most of the people are worrying about the stability of the cracked drivers, on the other hand, wifi sled does make it stable but bulky. I don't have one, but I can imagine how ugly my treo will be with the shield.

    I guess the reason why palm keeps disappointing treo users is because they are gonna lose a lot of money if WiFi was enabled. Data plans are kinda expensive for students like me.
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    If you have a dial-up ISP, you can use the Treo as a modem and connect to the Internet using your normal talk-time minutes. The limitation to this method is that you can't receive calls while checking email or browsing....and the data rates are pretty poor. I personally use the Media Net Unlimited pland for my CNG Treo....19.95/month.

    To answer your question though....NO.....nothing other than an SD card that doesn't really work and the Enfora WiFi sled. If you really want a WiFi Palm device, you should pick up a Palm T/X....probalby cheaper than the other options too.
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    Hey iroristone: Palm reported last year that they sold 1 million treo 650's(then they gave a couple away for free) So if you think about it, if they made a driver with wifi and sold their wifi cards for $100x1000 loyal customers that's an easy $100,000.00 Imagine the all those zeroes.

    The reason they don't support wifi is because they want to give the carriers a reason to carry the treo which is a data happy phone.

    I recently read somewhere that palm will not "officially" support wifi on the 650. Maybe in a couple of months when the 700p comes out and maybe even the hollywood we can get our god (shadowmite) to give us a hack like he did with the recent 4gig capabilities

    I think the reason why the 700w has wifi is because micro$oft sees the potential in the business aspects of wifi and was able to convince veri$on that they need to be on microsofts good side as wellas to get support in "future" endeavors.seeing as how most smartphones as well as regular cell phones are starting to come out with windows as an os.

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