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    My company got me a Treo 650 from Sprint Today. I have figure several things out, however one simple thing I can't figure out is how to go "back" or "switch" between applications. Say I am writing an e-mail and a voicemail comes through. If I go check the voicemail wala gone gone e-mail. Then it is back to the vicious cycle of phone menu ect ect to get back to where I was at.

    HELP Please.
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    Oh one other thing. Is there a way to use an .mp3 or other sound file as a ringer?

    Thanx Guys
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    Welcome to the PalmOS.

    Palm is not like a "multi-task" platform like Windows
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    Bummer bummer bummer. Well I got the ring tone thingy figured out thanx to the nifty search platform on this site.

    SO how about 3rd party apps?
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    search for "switch5" in this forum...
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    Try McPhling5
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    If you save your email message, it will be waiting for you in the "Draft" folder when you return. If you're in memopad, just hit "Done" before answering the phone. There are a few applications that do run in the background like Verichat, email applications, and phone utilities (VolumeCare, ProfileCare, KMLightsOff, etc).
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    The commercial 'Butler' application lets you switch backwards and forwards among recent applications using the side volume buttons.

    In its "Navigation" section, select "Enable Volume Buttons" and "Switch Mode". I also recommend checking the checkbox marked "Ignore Launchers in Switch Mode"

    Butler has some other nice features which make it worth using, or at least trying. The other main one that I use is the Keylauncher, so that for example when I press-and-hold the "H" key it dials my home phone number. Normally this only works in the phone application, but with Butler installed it works everywhere.

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