I have looked around and have not found a solution to this problem. I am using the default Mail app that came with my Treo 600 and was trying out a few trials of other apps. One was the freeware profile app and the other was Chatteremail. I did not like either and uninstalled them. However I have noticed that now my Treo does not play the sound or vibrate when it alerts me to new email, just the screen popup. I have checked all my prefs. The default email app is 'Mail' and the sound settings for the mail are correct, sound at 5 w/o vibrate when speaker is on and vibrate when speaker is off. Also the alert me to new messages is checked. I do get sound and/or vibrate for the phone, calendar, and SMS, just not email. Has anyone else seen this problem before? And does anyone have a suggestion or two, or three that aren't obvious or that I may still be missing.