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    I have a Treo 650 and my Wife a Treo 600.
    When we both had Treo 600's we could open each others Date books from the palm desktop and add events etc.
    Now if I open her datebook it gets converted from the datebook format to the calendar format, which her phone can't deal with and if she tries to open mine she gets an error.
    Ideally I'm looking for an app that can convert a calendar file to a date book one. Has anybody come across such a thing ?
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    The Treo 650 has a very different datebook file and has some of the fields shuffled around. Have you updated the desktop software to the latest? I tried to open the address and datebook files before updating the desktop software and ran in to all sorts of problems.

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    Yes, I think you misunderstand.
    Two PC's one with Palm Desktop 4.1 (i.e Date Book) and one with Palm Desktop 4.1.4 (i.e Calendar).
    Two Treo's a 600 & a 650.
    Palm databases on a central server.
    Palm Desktop 4.1 can open Date Book but not Calendar.
    Palm Desktop 4.1.4 can open Calendar and Date Book, but when it saves Date Book it converts it to Calendar format, which then is no use for the Treo 600.
    Hence if I had a program that converted Calendar files to datebook I could install Palm Desktop 4.1.4 on each PC, but convert the Calendar file to a Date Book file before hotsyncing the Treo 600 IYSWIM.
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    What with the duplicate names for what appears to be the same files? For example, "Memo Pad" and "Memos", "Calendar" and "Date Book", etc. On a 700P, which names apply to it when synching? Thanks

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