View Poll Results: What type of connections are you using to surf the web?

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  • WiFi

    1 2.78%
  • Data plan from carrier

    32 88.89%
  • Bluetooth or IrDA via cell phone

    3 8.33%
  • No connection

    2 5.56%
  • Others

    2 5.56%
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    I am using a treo 600. It does not have a build in Wi-Fi. And I did not chooes any data plan from the network provider. So I am currently using the combination of sunrise and plucker to read news offline...

    I just wondered how do you connect to internet using your palm? (Are you using treo 600 or other smartphone? what type of connection do you prefer?: 1. Wi-Fi;2. Data plan from carrier; 3. Bluetooth or IrDA via cell phone; connection 5. others )
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    Cingular's GPRS service most of the time. When I'm at home and want to sync to my work PC, I hook up to my home PC's broadband via Softick PPP to synchronize only. Much faster sync-ing that way than over GPRS.
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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts~
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    If i'm using the intenret on my laptop from my treo, I use pdanet...... from junefabrics.

    Otherwise I mooch off of somebody else's wireless.
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    is that your open hotspot~~
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    I connect 90% of the time with my Sprint PCS account, but when I am home and want to quickly update my Chatter email, Quick News and Handmark Express or web surf efficiently (Xino), I use an Enfora WiFi sled to access my home wireless network.
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    I use my DSL back up dial up number. Before I had DSL I had dial up and used that number. From the time of the Treo 180 I used a dial up number. Not sure why more people do not use a dial up number. The data plans I have seen are costlly, and I am not sure I know how they work.
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    If you have Sprint's data plan (for me it was $10/mo-now $15/mo), using PDAnet from JuneFabrics ( works wonderful. In a pinch, using a USB cord to your phone, you can be hooked into the PCS network almost instantly. I've been at hotspots where people around me become frustrated with a loss of signal and I'd be in my little corner working on the web! Besides, you don't need a hotspot to connect to the Sprint PCS network-only have to be within range od Sprint's network coverage (practically everywhere). Good Luck!

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