Arg, damn Blazer! I upgraded my Treo to the latest, Firmware 1.71, Software 1.20 ENA. Tried Versamail, it was ok. But switching between mail and lazer generally caused a reset. So, I learned all about the new Shadowmite procedure that takes the Palm download and rips it apart to create files we can edit. I peeled apart the ROM image, removed language files, Versamail, Real Player, etc. I added Snapper, Worldmate Pro, and a few other little apps. Kept the image ( under 6.4 mb, after testing various versions that were larger to see if they'd flash (they don't) Now I have a nice custom image, but still get resets on a regular basis when switching between Snappermail and Blazer. So, I am assuming that Blazer itself is the problem... but I don't have any previous ROMs (except a much older one) to test with. Anyone have the previous version? I could disassemble it and extract Blazer and its files and add them to my new ROM to see if this fixes the problem.

I love being able to 'adjust' the files on my Treo, just wish Palm would keep an eye out when they upgrade stuff! I might just download one of the carrier specific images to see what version of Blazer they are running.

BTw, for someone with ALOT of time... a website that listed all the images, and what versions of apps are in there would be helpful.

Thanks, Treo Central rocks, life wouldn't be the same without this resource.