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    I have a major problem with the Bluetooth implementation on my Treo 650.

    I have a GN Netcom 6210 (essentially a Jabra Freespeak) and a Motorola Motorola HS830. They are so quiet, even with the volume on the Treo 650 cranked all the way up and the bluetooth headset device volume cranked all the way up, that I cannot hear either one unless I'm in a quiet room.

    Obviously, with the helmet-mounted headset, this is unacceptable. I won't be doing much riding, obviously, in a quiet room.

    I've searched the FAQs and forums to no avail. Surely someone has had this problem before and has a solution? Please--I'm desperate.

    Gregory Pius
    Boca Raton, Florida
    Unhappy Treo 650 user
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    Where is your Treo when you are doing this testing ? Direct line of sight ?

    I have my volume at about 20-25% and I hear just fine (Treo Headset) as much as 30 feet away from my vehicle. I haven't set it in a year but I seem to remember having to raise the volume with the rocker and then "set" the volume with the side button while a headset call was active.

    If all else fails try VolumeCare from Jeff Gibson.
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    My Treo in in its holster at my side.

    VolumeCare specifically excludes Bluetooth. Nice try, though.
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    Some headsets seem to be louder then others when used with the 650. I've found the Scala 500, Logitech Mobile Traveler and the Logitech mobile Freedom to be the loudest. I'm using the Mobile Freedom now because it has the best audio quality, range and volume of all three.
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    The Plantronics Voyager 510 is louder than the Scala 500. I had to go with this to use it in my car.
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    Quote Originally Posted by piusg
    My Treo in in its holster at my side.
    Treo on right side, BT earpiece in left ear ? That would make signal pass thru you. Try placing Treo on dash and see if it improves. In my Envoy the two center air vents protrude in mounds above the dash and I used to place my Treo in the "cleavage" between the two vents. Now I uses a ProClip mount and can get about 30-35 feet away from vehicle before I lose connection.

    I leave my volume set at 20-25% with the Treo Headset
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    Motorola headsets are "notorious" for having low speaker sound problems.
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    Try the Treo head set, it is made by Jabra or the Jabra 350
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    I use the Plantronics Voyager 510 and the volume is great!

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    I have used the TWH for sometime with varied results. I just recieved the Plantronics Voyager 510 yesterday and have been using it all day today. This headset is far superior to the TWH, there is just no comparison. The outgoing and incoming quality is much better (nobody has asked me to repeat myself or made any comments about not hearing me well) and the range is at least twice as good.

    This is very refreshing, I now have a headset that works as intended. While it is larger than some of the others, it is very comfortable and weighs almost nothing. Plus, I always have better results with headsets that have a boom on them.

    I think I'll be giving my TWH away today!

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