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    My Treo was working fine until suddenly yesterday evening it started to go crazy.

    - The battery is at 0% and does not charge anymore although the red LED is on. Checked contacts and everything, seems normal and clean
    - When switching radio on/off no more sound is coming up
    - No more keyboard click sounds although all settings are on
    - From time to time it starts a Hotysync by itself

    Besides that everything seems to function normally? Even after numerous soft and hard resets I could not normalize it again

    Anyone having observed this or any advise?
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    Sounds crazy. Hard to imagine that's still going on even after a hard reset. I recommend calling your service provider. I was having an unusual problem myself a few days ago, but I was able to get it worked out after two arduous hours on the phone with Sprint's advanced tech rep. Maybe you can too(in hopefully a shorter amount of time).
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    I wish I could but this is an unlocked GSM and I am in Africa at the moment. I don't think somebody will listen to me!

    Thanks anyway.
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    I can't remember what it is, but there's a number you can dial to reset your phone service(which helps moreso than a hard reset). Maybe you could call one of the service providers and figure it out?

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