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    Zap is too complex. Any ideas?
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    How about pac man?
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    My 4 year old likes to watch me play Pacman and help

    There were a few things for kids in the download area at MTDN...don't remember what they are though
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    I don't know if I'd like a 3 or 4 year old playing with my treo....BUT since you asked. "Prison" is a free game. It's a breakout clone.
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    Memory game. (basically a match game) I also use some of the drawing stuff like moepaint.
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    there used to be a couple of games titled amusement park 1 and 2 which was quite nice for both kids and "older kids". sadly they have not been updated for ages (and ap3 has been "in development" since i was using palm iiix ... ).

    if you don't mind the grey scale graphic, these are quite amusing.

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    Crazy Daisy from Astraware is good. There is also a "game" called psychic rabbit (no clue where I got it) where a bunny guesses the card you picked. My little one LOVED that...
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    Dope Wars The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    I found a game a long time ago for my Zire called "Make faces". Basically they pick all the facial features from a list (eyes, nose, mouth, etc). We have had fun with it for a few years. They love to make a face and they say "Daddy, this is you!".
    There was also an app called "Neko" where this cat chases your stylus around the screen. When you touched the screen it put a bird or mouse there, and the cat chases it. Absolutely no point to it, but fun.

    Of course, my favorite is Dope Wars, but probably not so good for the kiddies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by emunch
    I found a game a long time ago for my Zire called "Make faces". Basically they pick all the facial features from a list (eyes, nose, mouth, etc). We have had fun with it for a few years. They love to make a face and they say "Daddy, this is you!".
    ah. i have a freeware version call "match who".

    great if your kids aspire to be a police sketch artist.
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    You may want to try some of the more advanced games - you would be surprised by what kids can do. I was shocked that my son seemed to like Warfare Inc., and even completed a mission or two before he turned 5. My wife was not happy...

    But he also liked the Atari classic games (rootbeer tapper, Joust, Spy Hunter, etc.).

    On a semi-related topic, does anyone know of any interface for the Palm or PC (Linux?) that is appropriate for a 5 year old? Something that would include a browser locked to a few pre-approved websites, a few simple games, a drawing program, email that only allows certain addresses through, possibly with photos for the to/from fields, etc. I wonder how hard it would be to hack up with Eclipse/J2ME?
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    There's a game made by Astraware call Noah's Ark. It's basically just matching tiles with animal faces on them until you clear the board. It's pretty simple and my three year old girl loves it. She likes that she can tap the screen and make things happen... just like her daddy.
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    I think drop the Treo is all a 4 year old can do well with a Treo. I would not put my Treo in the hands of anyone under eight yrs old. Gameboys at $99 each are for kids. Maybe you just have a LOT more money than I do.
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    Funny how people love to tell other parents how to raise their children. Thanks for the idea of the thread... I have a 4yr old and think its a good idea so thanks for the ideas guys!!
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    Dumping movies over has also been a hit for my 3 1/2 year old girl (snow white, cinderella, shark tale, etc)

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    My 3 & 4 years old sons play PacDude, Insaniquarium and Skyforce (they love this one although I find it weird to see them playing a shoot them up at this age). MicroQuad and Prison are too difficult for them. They also ask for ZDoomZ but as it's too "gore" I don't let them play this game. They started with NekoCat when they were younger.

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    My five year old girl has shown my Ex-wife how to work a few things. I have given my daughter my old Visor, black & white. She loves the drawing programs.
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    My 3 yr old will still play MatchGame ( and MathAce ( is great for my 5 yr old and she actually learns something.

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