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    I was at Best Buy and I came across an iPod accessory called the DLO action jacket, which is an armband case for the iPod. I have been looking around for an armband case for my T650 for the gym.

    As I'm looking at this DLO case I put my T650 up to the plastic trying to get a fit. I think the T650 will fit inside the armband case, but some modification will need to be done to the front to get the keypad to show. You might have to cut the front. Also the bottom will have to be cut to fit the headphones. Take a look and tell me what you think.

    You probably wont get a good idea from the photo on the website, but for anyone who has actually seen this in Best Buy will know what I mean.

    An even better pic is the action jacket for the Creative Zen micro

    click on the photo to get a zoom in of the case.
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    I wouldn't use my treo in the gym with arm band especially when you run treadmill and stuffs. It's too risky. Just my 2cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mutantblack
    I wouldn't use my treo in the gym with arm band especially when you run treadmill and stuffs. It's too risky. Just my 2cents.

    I don't like to use my T650 in the gym either, but with the DLO I think it may be able to be modified to fit the T650 and have it secure enough to workout with.
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    I think you can get a cheap iPod shuffle ($69) barely more expensive than this jacket.
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    Check out the threads in the accessories forum in this subject.

    heres a link to start you with:

    If you search for running, jogging, working out, gym... etc youll get a few hits for threads. The threads will give you some other ideas too.

    Also checkout, they have made cases for Treo's in the past and Im hoping to pressure them into making them again just for this purpose. (the gym)

    Ive bought one of their armbands and its just about perfect for the T650 just "not quite"
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    I was in CompUSA yesterday looking for a sport case for my T650. I noticed that there are some nice looking cases for the iPod and thought this would be a good substitute solution. So I picked up the Action Jacket for the Video iPod. It fits the T650 pretty tight. It's a bit smaller than the T650. I want to start jogging again and thought this would be a good solution to "what's not out there sport cases" for our T650s. I was able to press all the buttons through the soft case itself. The earphone plug hole on the Treo is covered but maybe if I just cut a hole there it'll work. Not ideal but doable - I just want to listen to tunes when jogging. When I'm done, I can remove my ear buds, leave the treo in the armband and walk back to the car. Seems like a good idea. I did put this on my arm and moved my arm around quite a bit to see if it held up well -- seems to hold on pretty well.


    I didn't see the one for the Creative Zen Micro at CompUSA. From what I can see this one doesn't have a tab over the top as the Video iPod does.

    Check it out.
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