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    I downloaded the demo last night and all seemed fine. Today I'm noticing that I seem to be unable to use some graffiti commands like those for cap and all caps in my Apps now. I haven't found any other problems yet.

    I see the up arrow flash by but am unable to use it and have to go to the keyboard. I haven't made any other recent changes to my visor deluxe and haven't been having any problems like this before.

    I really like what I've seen of Wordsmith otherwise.

    Any leads?

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    I heard back from WordSmith support right away and they indicated that the type of problem I described outside of WS couldn't be their bug. I think I have to agree and after getting a fatal error exception this morning, all seems back to normal now.

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    Do you have a Stowaway Keyboard? Current drivers for it have been causeing this on some Visors.
    Matt Nichols
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    I do have a stowaway and was in fact using it right after I installed WordSmith! I hadn't heard about this driver problem and would like to hear of any fixes or things to avoid.


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