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    After seeing the SuperBowl commercial for Sprint and the guys are arguing about whose phone has more features, must say I won't buy another phone / PDA that isn't equipped with the demonstrated "theft deterrent system" !

    "Go ahead, try and take my wallet."
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    My Treo is a might bit heavier than my old sprint phone.. A much better deterent!
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    man, that commercial was great!
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    Damn missed. Is there a link anywhere on the net to see it?
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    One of my best three commercials of the SuperBowl (The budweiser bear commercial and the Ultra Amber with the tackle football being the other two). Although this thread probably should be in the off topic forum.

    (Unless you want to argue that throwing a $600 phone at a thief is a quality application for TC users)
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    A nice page with the superbowl ads
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    The "magic fridge" commercial was my favorite.
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    I loved that Sprint Commercial where the guy throws his phone the other guy.

    Another driver and I got into a disagreement about who will win the Super Bowl and he said he was going to kick my a$$. I said go ahead, I'll beat you to death with my phone. And that Sprint commercial came on and I said see, Sprint phones are deadly weapons...Go ahead, make my day.....

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    Ameriquest: Hospital -- hahahahaha
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    streaking lamb in the Bud Light spot was funny
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    Theft deterrent funny, gotta be something better to throw than my treo.

    Streaking lamb hilarious.

    Ameriquest airline funny
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