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    Has anyone figured out a way to get a Plantronics Discovery 640 BT headset to voice dial on a Treo 650?

    The headset documentation says it supports voice dialing, but that's it. The Treo 650 says to set it up using your headset. WTF?

    A search of the Palm site brings up VoiceSignal software but it won't work with a BT headset...

    "Limited usage with Bluetooth headsets.

    * Bluetooth headsets cannot be used to initiate a voice-dialed call using Voice Dial software
    * Bluetooth headset can be used once the call has started"

    ...any thoughts?
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    You can't do voice dialing via bluetooth on the Treo 650. I think voice dialing over bluetooth is part of bluetooth 1.2 or a2dp (the same thing that's required to listen to music over bluetooth) and the 650 doesn't have bluetooth 1.2 or a2dp.
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    IsLNdbOi is correct. You can't voice dial using your bluetooth headset and a Treo 650 (yet). The Plantronics 640 does work with other BT phones however. I understand that VoiceSignal will be releasing an update of Voice Dial very soon but I'm not sure if it will allow dialing from BT headset. I'm hopeful but it may be limitation of 650's BT 1.1 implementation.
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    I have Sprint and use Voice Command. I don't know if the other carriers have anything similar but on Sprint I can press the * button on the phone and it calls Sprint where I have up to 400 Contacts stored in their system. I simply say "Call BOB SMITH" and it Voice Command looks up the number and dials the number for me (it also accepts number dialing ie Call 555 1212).

    Most BT headsets have a way to call the last number dialed. I created a shortcut to the * button using TapDial and assigned it to the side button so I can easily set the last number dialed. On my Scalla I press and hold the large button on the side of the headset and it dials the last number and in my case it is always Voice Command.
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