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    When oh when is Apple going to realize that there are so many Mac users looking for a smartphone or something of the sort that is Mac based???? They are really missing the market. I like Missing Sync, but there are times I have issues, like when it triples the ical events in my phone. Common Apple, stop being silly. This market is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Although we would all like to see an Apple branded handheld there are most likely some very important reasons why Jobs has held off.

    1) Newton.
    Another failure of that magnitude could have dire consequences, especially for a company 'on the mend.'

    2) Convergence.
    I was one of the people who 5 years ago was whining for another Apple PDA. I wanted to see the reliability of Apple brought to my Palm - but it seems now that it was the right move then to stay away from what has turned out to be a transient market which is now on deaths door.

    3) OSX
    In order for Apple to have been able to support a new OS from square 1, it required friends. Friends to make printer drivers and offer device support, like Hotsync. One only has to look at what Safari did to IE to see what can happen when you compete against a big company and win. Luckily for Mac users, MS found that letting only IE go was the best decision, as opposed to scrapping Mactopia and waiting for every Mac user who needed .doc & .xls to switch to Windows. If Apple had created a competing product in the early days of OSX my guess would be that iSync would not work with even half of the phones that it does today.

    4) Standards.
    With 2G, the world was segmented into multiple networks (4GSM + CDMA if I am not mistaken), too many for Apple to support in 1 device. Keep in mind that Apple products remain superior because they "just work." A mobile device like a phone needs to "just work" everywhere, not just in one or 2 continents.

    I think that we will need to see an Apple branded handheld communicator in the next 24 months as without one the company will simply evaporate. As storage becomes cheaper and smaller it won't just be those on the bleeding edge who only carry one device. No one would buy an iPod if their mobile phone performed the same function (albeit a little less gracefully). With the advent of 3G networks the world should be split only into 2 networks, and Quad-band GSM receivers are now small enough that they could be included for locations without coverage.

    What we will most likely see is a radio included in new iPods, but Apple had better get it perfect the first time around, or they may loose their cash cow.

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