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    I'm in trouble. I updated my wife's treo 650 with the new 1.13a update (with her objections because her current one worked, but I wanted the 911 security for her).

    Now when she dials any tele # that is not in her contacts and hits the dial button it resets the phone. She can enter the # it, it resets only when she hits the dial button (hard or soft) If the tele# is in contacts it will dial. Also in her SMS application when you try to use the menu function it resets as well.

    Can anyone out there diagnose this? Is there some contact or phone data that is corrupted that I can delete?

    She has added no new programs and has very few 3rd party programs.

    The update was installed per Palm instructions (backup, hard reset, new ID, update, hard reset, restore backup).

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    nevermind. I got it working. she was also having random resets.

    I just went to home, delete and deleted a few things that I did not recognize (wish I wrote them down so I could pass it on). I don't know where the files cam from but after deleting about 3 unrecognized files her treo is totally stable again! I'm out of dog house.

    hope this helps someone else

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