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    Anyone care to share their GPS mount solutions? My main goal was to have a "clean" and flexible solution.

    Here is my setup (after mulling over several options for mounting, wiring, etc):

    PDA Mount: ProClip USA
    Vent Mount: Seidio vent mount
    BT GPS: Holux 236 Slim

    PDA Mount - First of all I wanted something that was designed exactly for the Treo 650 -- something which was contoured perfectly and would hold it firmly. The majority of generic aftermarket holders simply clamps on the side of the PDA and is adjustable. While every review I read stated this does work well, I still wanted the piece of mind of not being able to accidently knocking it off. Personally it came down to the ProClip holder and the Seidio G2200S. I did not want a GPS integrated into the PDA mount, as I would be worried about theft. The advantage of the Seidio is obvious - It has an integrated power charging solution. If you want your Treo powered everytime u dock it, then this would be the better choice. (A minor concern of mine would be the connect plug taking some abuse from engaging/removing the PDA frequently). I ended up w/ the proclip which does the job nicely. There is a little hook on the side that is intended for hanging a power charge cable, but instead i use it as a convenient place to hang my BT headset. The main con of both the seidio and the proclip are essentially the price. A generic holder/mount would cost half the price.

    Vent Mount - The last thing I wanted was a tentacle coming down from the windshield. My other options were simply the Proclip custom mounts (which are bloody expensive for a piece of plastic! Also obscurs my alarm LED), a Pro-Fit custom mount (still expensive, but its location was no better than the proclip, being too low inside my car), or a simple vent mount. I opted for the latter, as I found one for under $10 on ebay. The vent mound and proclip holder are connected together using double sided tape and screws.

    GPS - My basic requirement for this was something small that I could hardwire within the car out of sight, work well while concealed, and be easily accessible if I wanted to take it with me. At the time, my personal choices came down to the Holux 236 Slim and the GlobalSat BT-338. Both are SirfStar III based devices, which means I could mount it somewhere hidden and it would still work well. The problem I found with the BT-338 the fact that it had a soft-powerswitch, which means I would have to pushstart it evertime i wanted to use it. The Holux236 has a hard-powerswitch, so it remains on all the time.. something i needed as a hardwiring requirement.

    As for mounting my GPS unit, I ended up placing it inside my center console. The GPS hangs off the underside using a 2-piece belt clip which was intended for cell phones. This allows me to detach it easily if i need to. To power it, I added some 5V USB connector ports in my car -- 1 inside the center console to power my GPS, and 1 on the side of my center-dash so I could power either my Treo or my headset. The USB sockets came off of a computer. The power comes off from a 2-port USB cigarette adaptor which is concealed behind the center dash, spliced off of the main cig lighter wires.
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    Like you I wanted a clean solution. I also wanted my Treo to be being charged while using it in vehicle....and didn't want anything sliding around on Dash.

    I opted for a treo craging cradle with built in GPS. The vent mount that came with the G2350S cradle worked fine but the weight of the Treo kept rotating my vent down.

    I'll take some picks tomorrow with the ProClip mount. The charging wire right now runs down to one of the three ciggie lighter holes in my SUV dash....

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